All-In-One Personal HQ V2

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This all-on-one template includes nearly ALL of the pages, databases + dashboards I use in my workspace with relational databases already connected, and is somewhat geared toward a personal/entrepreneurial setup. 

This template assumes you have some knowledge and comfort with relational database properties, as the databases are already connected for you and ready to use.

"I've been using the All in One template for 2 months and have never been this productive."
- Angelique Moreau


  • Projects

  • Areas:
    • Body+Mind+Spirit: Manifesto, Priorities, Ideal Day, Ritual
    • Recreation: Garden, Houseplants, Inventory
    • House + Home: Prepping, Art, House Projects, Home inspiration, Entertainment, Groceries + Meal Planning, Travel
    • Personal Finances: Personal Expenses, Personal Income Spending Flowchart, Donations 
    • Relationships

  • Resources  (Knowledge Hub, Notes + Ideas, Tags, Words + Wisdom, Inspiration, Copystalking, People)

  • Planning (Goals, Outcomes, Year, Quarter, Month, Week, Journal)

  • Dashboards: Actions, Projects, Learning, Content Hub, Focus, Collect + Process, Ideation, Connect, Garden

Have you already purchased my Planning Templates? You can apply the cost of that purchase to this template with a coupon (you can find it at the bottom of the template - check your Gumroad product settings to access the original template), or receive a credit after purchase (just send me an email after purchase). You can also apply the cost of this template to the Notion Mastery course:

* Please note: as this is a comprehensive All-In-One template, comprised of many pages and databases, we recommend upgrading to a paid Notion account to ensure you don't bump up against any block limits when duplicating the All-In-One into your workspace.

Because this is a digital product that gives you instant access to all of the templates, this product is non-refundable. The onus is on you to ensure you are comfortable with using Notion and relational databases.*

This product is not currently for sale.

All-In-One Personal HQ

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All-In-One Personal HQ V2

3 ratings